Shaking the world

Miriam Gur-Arye and Alon Harel (HUJI): Taking Internationalism Seriously: Why International Criminal Law Matters. Mark Schmitt on the dangerous politics of hard promises. Trust us: Politicians keep most of their promises. Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity. Kara Scannell and Vanessa Houlder on the new Switzerland: The US is a magnet for offshore wealth, notably South Dakota, which has guaranteed secrecy for family trusts. Does power really corrupt? An

Paper Trail

Facebook has completed an internal investigation of its “Trending Topics” feature, which has recently been accused of bias against conservative news sources. In a letter posted on Facebook’s press page, the company says they’ve found no evidence of “systemic bias” and that conservative and liberal stories have trended at “virtually identical” rates. Still, Facebook has announced


Machine Learning

Andrew Zornoza"Machine Learning" is a catchall term for software that improves computers' ability to recognize patterns and solve problems through examples and feedback. Deep Learning is based on similar methods,

Daily Review


In 1939, wondering how Russia would react to the expanding war, Winston Churchill memorably stated: It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. This is an apt description of Hystopia, David Means’s long-awaited novel about Vietnam. Means focuses not on the


Gary Indiana

In any story, or any love story, where two people are crazy, it's usually the case that if they were separated, only one would be crazy.


Poet and Author Randall Horton On His Life, Teaching


On Mezz Mezzrow

Ben Ratliff

Mezzrow knew the lay of the no-man’s-land. Just as he probably knew that the clerks of history would get some things wrong about him, he surely knew that they would get his whiteness right. Mezzrow loved jazz, loved black culture, eventually loved and married a black woman. But his life outside of prison, and all his future prospects, depended on his being white.