Lucinda Vandervort (Saskatchewan): Sexual Consent as Voluntary Agreement: Tales of “Seduction” or Questions of Law? Paul H. Edelman (Vanderbilt): The Myth of the Condorcet Winner. From Random House of Canada’s new online magazine Hazlitt, Hari Kunzru on Werner Herzog: The director is present; Chris Randle on the Gothamist Movement: From Deco to dystopian — an architectural survey of Batman comics and movies; and Linda Besner on the quiz book as Bible: Quizzes — be they Civil War or Tintin themed — promise answers in this life, highly knowable answers. The New York Review of Magazines reviews Yes! magazine. Has intellectual history had a Kuhnian Revolution? Dead celebrities fared better and better against other dead persons as the twentieth century progressed. A review of Bioethics: All that Matters by Donna Dickenson. If you see posts floating around the Twittersphere that the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden is dead, don’t believe it.