A new issue of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies is out. Martha Albertson Fineman (Emory): Dependencies (“All individuals in our society, including those who consider themselves independent, receive some form of subsidization. Dependency and subsidy as social phenomena are inevitable and universal.”) Stephen T. Asma on 9 reasons why life isn't fair. From NYRB, a specter is haunting the Republican National Convention — the specter of ideology: Timothy Snyder on Grand Old Marxists. The Noun Project, cofounded by the designer and developer Scott Thomas, is a collection of universal symbols (like the one for child soldiers) that allow for quick comprehension across a wide audience. Clay Dillow on how to steal personal data from someone's brain, using a $300 off-the-shelf brain scanner. "Crypto-cultists" and "cranks": Bruce Wilson on the video Paul Ryan hoped would go away.