Stephen Ansolabehere looks at polling data on Americans' opinions about taxes, the budget, and entitlements. Morris P. Fiorina and Samuel J. Abrams on the myth of the "Big Sort": In the information age, Americans’ political allegiances go far beyond their neighborhoods. A review of Government's End: Why Washington Stopped Working by Jonathan Rauch. The probable outlook for US politics is continued paralysis and possible catastrophe — and most likely, both. The end of reason: Marc Hujer on what potatoes say about the state of US democracy. George W. Bush doesn’t miss “the swamp” of politics (and more). No, this isn't the nastiest campaign ever: Welcome to the political class's quadrennial freakout. Daniel Adler on Political Ads: Overpriced, inefficient, essential. Nieman Journalism Lab goes inside the star chamber: How PolitiFact tries to find truth in a world of make-believe; and BuzzFeed with a press pass: What happens when the GIF kings try to take Washington? The Tweeps on the Bus: How Buzzfeed is remaking campaign coverage. For sale: Katy Steinmetz on ridiculous political domain names.