Jonathan Havercroft (Oklahoma): Was Westphalia "All that"? Hobbes, Bellarmine, and the Norm of Non-intervention. Is the world too big to fail? Noam Chomsky on the contours of global order (and Imani Perry reviews A New Generation Draws the Line: Humanitarian Intervention and the “Responsibility to Protect”). From democratic peace theory to forcible regime change: The revival of neo-Kantian theories of universal peace has led to intellectual justification of foreign "interventions" whose results have nothing to do with democracy. An interview with Jean Bricmont on humanitarian interventionism, Iran, Israel and the non-aligned nations. Alex Kane on 5 countries the U.S. is royally screwing over: From the drug war to the war on terror, the US is wreaking havoc around the globe. From TNI, Robert W. Merry on the wrong turn in US foreign policy; an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski on US decline, the 2012 presidential campaign and more; Leslie Gelb on the elusive Obama Doctrine; and James Kitfield on Mitt Romney's neocon puzzle. Stephen Walt on the top ten things that would-be foreign policy wonks should study.