A new issue of Monitor on Psychology is out. From EJIL:Talk!, Kai Ambos on how Julian Assange’s medal-worthy self-staging as a militant for worldwide freedom of opinion has diverted attention away from the fact that the dispute over his extradition has nothing to do with Wikileaks. From Figure/Ground Communication, an interview with Thomas de Zengotita. Amjad Waheed et al. on exploring “The Clash of Civilization as a Paradigm” and the “Cause of the Civilizational Clash”: A review of literature. Sixteen wives, twenty children: Valerie Tarico on the role of machismo in overpopulation. Bambi’s blunder: The return of deer to North American forests may threaten songbirds. Tony Ortega on Scientology's homophobia: Even the Church's token gay guy was disgusted. Paul Seabright combines insights from economics and evolutionary theory to shed light on why there is still a great deal of inequality between the sexes in the workplace. An interview with Larry Young and Brian Alexander, author of The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction. Moody’s might downgrade the United States — and why shouldn’t it?