Stijn Theodoor van Kessel (Sussex): Supply and Demand: Identifying Populist Parties in Europe and Explaining their Electoral Performance (Dissertation). From the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a report on The New Radical Right: Violent and Non-Violent Movements in Europe. Martin Halla, Alexander Wagner, and Josef Zweimuller on immigration and voting for the extreme right. Elizabeth Pond on how Europe is taming its far Right. New essays by Richard Millet, which say Anders Behring Breivik's Norwegian massacre was the result of immigration and multiculturalism, have caused an uproar in France. Omar Djellil, the son of Algerian immigrants, has been a gang member, a soldier, a Jihadist and a Socialist, but now he is a hesitant backer of France's right-wing Front National party —- what drives a Muslim immigrant into the arms of Islamophobes? Dawn Foster on the rise and rise of Greece’s neo-Nazis. This machine helps fascists: A split on the Greek Left aids the nationalist Golden Dawn Party. Praise for Hitler: Secret files build case for banning Germany’s far-Right NDP. David Crossland on why Germany isn't rooting out its neo-Nazis. From Searchlight, does the far right have any class? Oliver Hotham on how fascists just need to get laid.