Barak Orbach (Arizona): What Is Regulation? From Lo Squaderno, a special issue on urban rhetorics. From Carnegie Council, a series of interviews for a Thought Leaders Forum, including Kwame Anthony Appiah, Steve Coll, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Michael Walzer. From Standpoint, whatever happened to the art of oratory? Andrew Gimson on how the need to provide soundbites while avoiding "gaffes" has reduced politicians' speeches to intolerable banality; and can Romney spring an October surprise? Andrew Roberts wants to know. For almost ten years, Mitt Romney led the Mormon church in Boston, shouldering the needs of his community — is this the same man now running for president as a champion of individualism? From, Martin Cohen on how to survive compulsory college philosophy courses. What's wrong with blasphemy: Suppose there had not been a single riot in response to "The Innocence of Muslims" — would the makers of the film have done anything wrong? University Against efficiency: Stephen Henighan argues that efficiency has become a core value that heightens social divisions.