A new issue of the Journal of Social Research and Policy is out. DeLeith Duke Gossett (Texas Tech): If Charity Begins at Home, Why Do We Go Searching Abroad? A Call to Sunset the Portion of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit that Subsidizes International Adoptions. In sickness and in health: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith on why leaders keep their illnesses secret. From the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth Century Philosophy, here is the entry on Nietzsche by Brian Leiter. Is the government making D.C. rich? A lot of the typical explanations for D.C.'s wealth don't check out — but one does. Sam Wren-Lewis reviews Happiness and the Good Life by Mike W. Martin. Nudge or think: What works best for our society? Arcangelo Dimico reviews An Economic History of Organized Crime: A National and Transnational Approach by Dennis M.P. McCarthy. Logan Albright on three things the American people don’t understand about trade. The introduction to On Settling by Robert E. Goodin. Your body doesn't lie: People ignore political ads of candidates they oppose. Here’s to you, Mr. Overly Enthusiastic Dick Pic Sender — because why should you keep it in your pants?