A new issue of the Latin American Journal of Economics is out. Mauricio Losada Otalora (Andes) and Lourdes Casanova (INSEAD): Resources and Internationalization Strategies: The Case of Latin American Multinationals. From Democracy Digest, an article on Peru’s resource curse. Contrary to popular belief, the best leader in the world is not Barack Obama — the greatest head of state these days is Jose Mujica, Uruguay’s president. Nancy Birdsall on Latin America’s inclusive middle class. Frank Jacobs on the phantom island of Brazil. Riches beckon from beneath Haiti’s hills, and mining companies are hoping to lock in huge tax breaks to get at them. The Holy See has withdrawn the titles of “Pontifical” and “Catholic” from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Where does Latin America stand when it comes to contributing peacekeepers to United Nations (UN) missions? Arch Puddington on Latin America’s wavering democracies. Dan La Botz on how Mexico’s PRI is back — and the left is in disarray. Faced with tighter border controls in Europe, African migrants are viewing Latin America as the gateway to the American Dream.