A new issue of The Journal of Pan African Studies is out. Anna Kornbluh (Illinois): Enjoying Law: Psychoanalysis and Sovereign Bodies. From Big Think, Andrew Cohen on a new kind of human being. Mega-Merger: European aerospace giants EADS and BAE Systems, which sell a wide range of products, from military sensors to passenger airliners, on the international market, are preparing to merge — here’s what to look for in the weeks ahead as the deal is forged. The sabermetricians: Nate Cohn reviews The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns by Sasha Issenberg. Is gratitude queen of the virtues? Robert Emmons wonders. Online customer service experiences are often enough to make you want to purchase a large mallet from the local hardware store and whack yourself in the forehead with it — but if recent experience is any indication, that’s all changing now, for the better, via Twitter. The CIA burglar who went rogue: Douglas Groat thought he understood the risks of his job — until he took on his own employer. Uttara Natarajan reviews Keats and Philosophy: The Life of Sensations by Shahidha K. Bari.