Dan T. Coenen (Georgia): The Originalist Case Against Congressional Supermajority Voting Rules. Paula Gerber, Andy Gargett, and Melissa Castan (Monash): Does the Right to Birth Registration Include a Right to a Birth Certificate? From BusinessWeek, William D. Cohan on rethinking Robert Rubin. Christopher J. Castaneda reviews The Political Economy of Pipelines: A Century of Comparative Institutional Development by Jeff D. Makholm. From The New Criterion, James Panero on Ai Weiwei, Pussy Riot, and the right way to do political art. Winged words: Algis Valiunas on reading the Iliad in English. Evan Sutton on how the pimp with the limp is the key to winning campaigns. The most terrifying book a Democrat could read: Don C. Reed reviews Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How to Steal An Election in 9 Easy Steps by Greg Palast (and more). John Von Heyking reviews How to Win an Election: An Ancient Guide for Modern Politicians by Quintus Marco Cicero, translated with an introduction by Philip Freeman. The King of Porn Gossip: Meet Mike South, the man who got to the bottom of the industry’s syphilis outbreak.