Jeffrey Rogers Hummel (SJSU): War is the Health of the State: The Impact of Military Defense on the History of the United States. From Society and Space, a mini forum on militarism. League of Gentlemen: Well-bred military officers of the 17th and 18th centuries often had more in common with enemies than they did with allies. Coasting: Was the U.S. Navy really better in 1917? Gregg Zoroya on how war might be making young bodies old. Sarah Lawrence, with guns: Former West Point professor Anthony Galluzzo on teaching literature at the nation’s most prestigious military academy. Why was Navy adviser Gwenyth Todd stripped of her career? Gone are the days of the all-American army hero — these days, the US military is more like a sanctuary for racists, gang members and the chronically unfit. Is stigma against servicemembers hindering hiring? Quackery and mumbo-jumbo in the U.S. military: Cupping, moxibustion, and battlefield acupuncture are endangering troops. Here is the first edition of the Army Times interactive deployment map. If you're surfing the Internet and happen to land on The Duffel Blog, don't do what the folks at Gizmodo and Yell! did and believe anything you read.