A new issue of Foreign Service Journal is out. Kevin E. Davis (NYU): Why Does the United States Regulate Foreign Bribery: Moralism, Self-Interest, or Altruism? US strikes People's Mujahedin of Iran off terror list: Stephan Buchen on the schizophrenia of US foreign policy. Ronald E. Neumann on educating Americans to think about foreign policy. Seema Sirohi on how Sabrina De Sousa, a former US diplomat of Indian origin, was swept up in the undertow of the war on terror. When it comes to lies and half-truths, Mitt Romney saves his best stuff for foreign policy. Jackson Lears reviews Promise and Peril: America at the Dawn of a Global Age by Christopher McKnight Nichols. The future of power: An interview with Joe Nye, author of Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era. Humanitarian Intervention: Jeff Bloodworth on the American experience from William McKinley to Barack Obama. From republic to empire: Curtis F. Jones on the American trajectory. Jordan Mattox on the allegorization of imperialism or “why they hate us”. Each of the 66 empires in the last 3,000 years bankrupted itself — will the United States go the same way?