John D. Inazu (WUSTL): The Four Freedoms and the Future of Religious Liberty. Richard Schragger and Micah Schwartzman (Virginia): Against Religious Institutionalism. Jay Michaelson (HUJ): Hating the Law for Christian Reasons: The Religious Roots of American Antinomianism. Patrick McKinley Brennan (Villanova): “Religious Freedom,” the Individual Mandate, and Gifts: On Why the Church is Not a Bomb Shelter. Jeremy G. Mallory (Chicago): Prophetic Speech. Joy Milligan (UC-Berkeley): Religion and Race: On Duality and Entrenchment. From Christian Century, a review essay by Philip Jenkins and Grant A. Wacker on world Christianity and American religion. Brian Solomon profiles David Green, the Biblical billionaire backing the evangelical movement. When God and comedy meet: Marisa Carroll on Stephen Colbert on Christianity. Thom S. Rainer on seven common comment non-Christians make about Christians. Jeanie Groh on how Americans overstate the size of religious minorities. The number of Americans who say they have no religious affiliation has hit an all-time high — about one in five American adults.