From New York, what does the Brooklyn of the new Barclays Center have to do with the Brooklyns that came before it? Native son Mark Jacobson walks among the ghosts. Can Vice get 20-somethings to watch the news? This Brooklyn-based hipster outlet has exploded over the last decade. From Vice, is Brooklyn the new bohemian paradise? Molly Fischer reviews The Last Bohemia: Scenes from the Life of Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Robert Anasi. Joel Kotkin on the hollow boom of Brooklyn: Behind veneer of gentrification, life gets worse for many. Women behind bars: Closing a gender gap in Brooklyn. A magazine called Catherine Chung a Brooklyn writer to look out for — trouble was, she didn't live in Brooklyn, and never had. “There are more beards in Brooklyn”: Andrew Sullivan moves to Manhattan. Ghost sign stories: Photographer Frank Jump is haunted by New York’s “fading ads”. From 0 to 12 million square feet: Hudson Yards, Manhattan’s largest remaining chunk of emptiness, is about to become the city’s most massive real-estate development. Occupy Literature: David Ensminger on New York from Melville to the Beats.