Steffen Bohm and Sandra Moog (Essex) and Maria Ceci Misoczky (UFRGS): Greening Capitalism? A Marxist Critique of Carbon Markets. Julie A. Nelson (UMass-Boston): Is Dismissing the Precautionary Principle the Manly Thing to Do? Gender and the Economics of Climate Change. Ken Perrott reviews Ice, Mice and Men: The Issues Facing Our Far South by Geoff Simmons and Gareth Morgan. Rachel Carson didn’t kill millions of Africans: William Souder on how the 50-year-old campaign against Silent Spring still distorts environmental debates. Katherine Rowland on Whole Earth mental health: The evolving field of ecopsychology aims to cure what ails us by bridging the human-nature rift. Out of the nuclear closet: Why it's time for environmentalists to stop worrying and love the atom. Mary Mellor reviews The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability: Human Flourishing in a Climate-Changed, Carbon Constrained World by John Barry. Is climate change the sleeper issue of the 2012 election? Surprising new polling data shows swing voters are going green. From, a section on environmental science.