Abdelaziz Kesbi (UNIVH2M): From Orientalism to Occidentalism and the rise of Westophobia. Where the Arab Spring has not yet sprung: The spirit of rebellion continues to simmer in the Middle East and North Africa, but you won’t see much about it in the headlines. Where's the Arab Deng Xiaoping? Massoud Hayoun wants to know. Don't go Baghdad on Tehran: Rolf Ekeus and Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer on how to avoid repeating the Iraq debacle. Don't assume Iran is the greatest threat: Daniel Byman on five other dangers that deserve our immediate attention. Brian Palmer on China currency manipulation: How does it harm the U.S. and what can we do about it? Fred Kaplan on what the Cuban Missile Crisis should teach us: Fifty years later, this famous moment of Cold War history remains strangely misunderstood. Declinism is America and Mitt can too: Ty McCormick on how Doomsday prophesying is a favorite American pastime, but Mitt Romney wants no part of it (anymore). The benevolent hegemon shall (and must) endure: Zachary Fredman reviews Power and Willpower in the American Future: Why the United States Is Not Destined to Decline by Robert J. Lieber. Jeffrey Goldberg on real questions for the foreign affairs debate.