From FDL, a book salon on Colbert’s America: Satire and Democracy by Sophia McClennen. Greg Braxton on Bill Maher, liberals’ profane Comic in Chief. Why most celebs are for Obama: It's no secret that popular culture is dominated by liberals — the reasons why might surprise you. Cornel West plans to vote for Obama in November and protest his policies in February. Ryan Teague Beckwith on Barack Obama, the first meme president. Daniel Shaviro on the moral and political philosophy of Mitt Romney. By not voting, or by voting for a third party candidate who will not win, Christians not only abandon 50% of their popular ability to stop violations of human dignity in the political sphere, but also implicitly grant evil a victory. Bruce Wilson on how almost 1.4 million pledge to vote for Jesus as write-in presidential candidate in 2012 election. John Heilemann on the waitress-mom war: In the swing states, women are the swingers. From the World Socialist Web Site, with just weeks to go before the US presidential election on November 6, the Nation magazine is ramping up its campaign for the reelection of Obama. Our political Pravda: With the election approaching, Americans are being spun like pinwheels, and media fact-checkers are struggling to keep up.