Roberta Rosenthal Kwall (DePaul): Is the Jewish Tradition Intellectual Property? Your call is important to us: Since we know it's not, what can be done about it? Neuroscientists as mercenaries in the courtroom: David DiSalvo on how using brain imaging to select jurors and more could have disastrous results. Alireza Hejazi's on the real worth of a professional futurist. What’s the difference between life and death?: Druin Burch on why we’re fretting too much about the distinction. David A. Bell on Francois Hollande’s apology tour — and what Americans should learn from it. J. Bradford DeLong on our debt to Stalingrad. Philosophers, disciples, and even Bob Dylan agree: Money is bad, right? One word is notably absent from Henry Kissinger’s prescription for statesmanship and, it follows, decision-making and diplomacy: principles, which allow neither nuance nor ambiguity and which cannot be altered by recalibration. Cass Sunstein reviews Seduction by Contract: Law, Economics, and Psychology in Consumer Markets by Oren Bar-Gill. Mmmm, brains: Matt Soniak on everything you wanted to know about cannibalism but were afraid to ask.