David K. Levine (WUSTL) and Salvatore Modica (Palermo): Conflict and the Evolution of Societies. David Sloan Wilson on how establishing a consensus on human cultures as primarily adapted at the group level will enable human cultural diversity to be studied in the same way as biological diversity. The prince of evolution: An interview with Lee Alan Dugatkin on Peter Kropotkin, anarchism, and cooperation in nature. On first thought, cooperate; on second thought, be selfish. What is war good for? Ask a chimpanzee — Erin Wayman on what apes and monkeys can teach us about the roots of human aggression. Ayn Rand vs. the Pygmies: Did human evolution favor individualists or altruists? Steve Davis on Peter Singer, group selection, and the evolution of ethics. Human change we can believe in: Research suggests that natural selection operates on contemporary humans. Laura Jane Martinis on the death of natural selection: Is there a species, anywhere, with an evolutionary trajectory that has not been affected by humans? Charalambos P. Kyriacou reviews Cells to Civilizations: The Principles of Change that Shape Life by Enrico Coen.