Fritz W. Scharpf (Max Planck): Legitimacy Intermediation in the Multilevel European Polity and Its Collapse in the Euro Crisis. Catherine Buchmuller (Fribourg): Democracy and Linguistic Justice in the European Union. Mario Ricciardi (Milan): Political Philosophy in Italy: The Influence of John Rawls. From The Global Journal, Francis Fukuyama interviews Jurgen Habermas on European citizenship. Ioannis Papagaryfallou reviews Critical Theory and Contemporary Europe by William Outhwaite. From Transform!, a special tenth anniversary issue on democracy, the Left and Europe. From New Left Review, order reigns in The Hague: Daniel Finn on the Dutch elections and the Socialist Party. Emma Dowling interviews Katja Kipping, new co-chair of Germany's Left Party, about the European crisis and the direction she wants to take the party. Eleanor Bindman reviews After the Third Way: The Future of Social Democracy in Europe. Freedom and diversity: A review essay by Timothy Garton Ash on Europe’s Muslims and a liberal pentagram for living together. Peter Thompson on eastern Germany, the most godless place on Earth. Let us get political again: the Enlightenment-inspired dream of a technocratic Europe must give way to the Europe of values baptized in the fires of politics.