Brian Leiter and Alex Langlinais (Chicago): The Methodology of Legal Philosophy. Edmund Ursin (USD): The Missing Normative Dimension in Brian Leiter's “Reconstructed” Legal Realism. Richard K. Sherwin (NYLS): Leiter's Error: Legal Realism Goes Beyond “Naturalistic Jurisprudence”. John Lunstroth (Houston): The Unity Thesis: How Positivism Distorts Constitutional Arguments. Jeffrey P. Kaplan (SDSU): Unfaithful to Textualism. Ian C. Bartrum (UNLV): Originalist Ideology and the Rule of Law. Diane Marie Amann (Georgia): John Paul Stevens, Originalist. Stephen M. Griffin reviews Jack Balkin’s Constitutional Redemption: Political Faith in an Unjust World and Living Originalism. Founding Fathers, Founding Villains: William Hogeland on the new liberal originalism. Is there a constitution in this text? Stanley Fish on why textualism is a nonstarter in constitutional interpretation — and everywhere else, too. Nothing but freedom: Jeremy Kessler on Anthony Kennedy and the Affordable Care Act. Contempt of Court: Chief Justice John Roberts and his colleagues have shown remarkable disdain for the other branches of government.