Stacey L. Dogan (BU) and Mark A. Lemley (Stanford): Parody As Brand. Tammy Strobel on how you can buy happiness (if you stop buying stuff): Downsizing your life by choice can be a practical way to find big fulfillment in small living. How to fix the TSA: Barbara Peterson on how the U.S. has spent billions on security, and millions of people suffer delays and humiliation at TSA checkpoints, yet our skies remain less than fully safe. Uncovering the truth behind the myth of Pancho Villa, Movie Star: Did the Mexican rebel really sign a contract agreeing to fight his battles according to the ideas of a Hollywood director? Andrew Adonis reviews The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy by Douglas Carswell. In need of help: America’s poor were little mentioned in Barack Obama’s re-election campaign — they deserve better. An interview with Joel Slemrod, co-author of Taxes in America: What Everyone Needs to Know. No one has to tell Samir Husni which magazines out of the thousands that are launched each year will survive the “digital age” and which ones won’t; he just knows — he is Mr. Magazine. Why Husserl? Ask Godel.