Michael W. Campbell (King’s): Being Human: Fine-Tuning Moral Naturalism (Dissertation). Alex Silk (Michigan): “Ought” and “Must”: Some Philosophical Therapy. Kyle Swan (NUS) and Kevin Vallier (BGSU): The Normative Significance of Conscience. John Oberdiek (Rutgers): The Moral Significance of Risking. Antti Kauppinen (TCD): What Moral Intuitions Are and Are Not. Joseph Raz (Oxford): Is There a Reason to Keep Promises? Kieran Oberman (UCD): Is Theft Wrong? Kamuran Godelek reviews Understanding Moral Obligation: Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard by Robert Stern. Kevin Vallier reviews Contractualism and the Foundations of Morality by Nicholas Southwood. From 3:AM, David Enoch is a groovy moral philosopher who has written a book called Taking Morality Seriously because he does and thinks we should too; and Richard Kraut broods constantly on Ancient philosophy and ethics, thinks utilitarianism, Kantian and neo-Kantian Rawlsianism are hedonistic and faulty, thinks Aristotle very relevant and thinks goodness figures large in our everyday thinking. Will Crouch on the most important unsolved problems in ethics. Want to dominate the game? Set your morals aside.