Gabriella Blum (Harvard): The Crime and Punishment of States. Meike de Goede reviews Local Peacebuilding and National Peace: Interaction between Grassroots and Elite Processes by Christopher R. Mitchell and Landon E. Hancock. From New Geography, Rob Sentz on the emerging professional, scientific, and technical sector. A dictionary of thousands of words chronicling the everyday lives of people in ancient Egypt has been completed. Why are presidents less effective than prime ministers? Using game theory to model political systems leads to surprising insights. Steven Cherry interviews Stanley Rothman, author of Sandlot Stats: Learning Statistics With Baseball. Meet the Euro-sherpas, the hired hands who do the heavy lifting at EU summits and have the ear of the big leaders who shape policy in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Why genes don’t predict voting behavior: Evan Charney and William English on how gene variants don't count for much when it comes to complex behaviors. Linda Rodriguez McRobbie on 5 historical manias that gripped societies, then disappeared.