Raphael Cohen-Almagor (Hull): The Failed Palestinian–Israeli Peace Process 1993-2011: An Israeli Perspective. From the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Political Ideologies, the entry on republicanism by Cecile Laborde. From Jacobin, Seth Ackerman on the Twinkie defense, or what does “uncompetitive” mean? The introduction to Beyond Pure Reason: Ferdinand de Saussure’s Philosophy of Language and Its Early Romantic Antecedents by Boris Gasparov. Don’t isolate Ukraine, and watch those neo-fascists. From The Weekly Standard, Sam Schulman on the world’s dumbest conservatives: How to turn a successful majority coalition into a perpetual election-losing machine. Susan F. Martin reviews Foreign Relations: American Immigration in Global Perspective by Donna R Gabaccia. Frank Jacobs on maps as war by other means. A lot of people take their college ball very seriously; one long-standing rivalry was even the subject of two controversial map bunnies. Sarah Kliff on how millions will qualify for new options under the health care law — and most have no idea. Who would win in a rap battle, Adolf Hitler or Darth Vader?