Robin Kundis Craig (Utah): The Social and Cultural Aspects of Climate Change Winners. From Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Fabien Medvecky (Sydney): Valuing Environmental Costs and Benefits in an Uncertain Future: Risk Aversion and Discounting. From Diplomatic Courier, Thomas P.M. Barnett and Steve Keller on the globally crystallizing climate change event and four master narratives: Hobbesian States vs. Nature, Rousseauian General Willfulness, Lockean Greater Bad, and Kantian Categorical Catastrophe. Probable cause: Are scientists too cautious to help us stop climate change? Tom Pyszczynski et al. on how drawing attention to global climate change decreases support for war. Global warming is here to stay — and future warming will likely be on the high side of predictions, researchers conclude. David Roberts on the moral logic of climate communication and on what security experts can teach climate geeks about assessing risk. Inconvenient truths: Alan Ryan asks, how many Sandys will it take for us to change our ways? Roger McCormick reviews The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability: Human Flourishing in a Climate-Changed, Carbon Constrained World by John Barry.