Francesco Mezzanotte (Rome3): The Interrelation Between Intellectual Property Licenses and The Doctrine of "Numerus Clausus": A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis. Mark A. Lemley (Stanford): The Regulatory Turn in IP. John Tehranian (Southwestern): Towards a Critical IP Theory: Copyright, Consecration and Control. Stacey L. Dogan (BU) and Mark A. Lemley (Stanford): Parody As Brand. Christian Peukert (Munich) and Jorg Claussen (CBS): Piracy and Movie Revenues: Evidence from Megaupload. Open access and closed minds: Nalaka Gunawardene on balancing intellectual property and public interest in the digital age. The case of the vanishing policy memo: An influential conservative group released a copyright reform memo that was so smart it had to immediately disavow it. Ryan Tate on how Facebook is trying to debunk a copyright hoax. Apple hopes to take more prisoners in its patent war against arch rival Samsung. Cade Metz on why Microsoft says the patent system is peachy. Alex Tabarrok on ending software patents. The patent, mighty as a sword: Alongside the impressive technological advances of the last two decades, software patents started to be used as destructive weapons, stifling competition.