A new issue of Prism is out. From Strategic Studies Quarterly, a special section on cyber-warfare, including Martin C. Libicki (RAND): The Specter of Non-Obvious Warfare. Kevin Jon Heller (Melbourne): “One Hell of a Killing Machine”: Signature Strikes and International Law. Jamie L.H. Goodall reviews The Business of War: Military Enterprise and Military Revolution in Early Modern Europe by David Parrott. Brian Donohue on how the Air Force is now openly seeking cyber-weapons. Paul Hockenos reviews Ending Wars Well: Order, Justice and Conciliation in Contemporary Post-Conflict by Eric Patterson. Who will be accountable for military technology? As drones, robots, and even enhanced soldiers take the battlefield, questions of responsibility get more complicated. Erik Voeten on how to improve the drones debate. Five writers, including three veterans, respond to Chris Hedges's provocative essay "War Is Betrayal". Cyber fail: Why can't the government keep hackers out? Because the public is afraid of letting it. Jeff McMahan on rethinking the “just war” (and part 2). You can't go home again: Soldiers aren’t the only veterans of war.