Machiko Kanetake (Amsterdam): The UN Zero Tolerance Policy's Whereabouts: On the Discordance between Politics and Law on the Internal-External Divide. From Catapult, a special issue on First World Problems. From NYRB, Elizabeth Drew on how, despite their considerable efforts, the Republicans were not able to buy or steal the election after all; and Mark Danner on how, and what, Obama won. Micah Zenko on Dempsey's Paradox: The world is getting less violent — so why do we feel so threatened? Jeffrey Winters argues that oligarchy is timeless, but varying in its forms; for him, the political power of billionaires in democracies represents a transformation towards “civil oligarchy”. Barry Schwartz on what it means to be rational: Don't rely on economic analysis to learn about human rationality; if we want to build just and prosperous societies, we must look elsewhere for guidance. What brand is your therapist? Lori Gottlieb on psychotherapy’s struggle to sell itself. Urging economists to step away from the blackboard: A 101-year-old Nobel winner, Ronald Coase wants to launch a journal for economic thought, not just data. A UN Twitter typo has global dimensions.