Robert S. Erikson and Olle Folke (Columbia) and James M. Snyder (Harvard): A Gubernatorial Helping Hand? How Governors Affect Presidential Elections. Spencer Overton (GWU): The Participation Interest. Did Obama reset the electoral map? Lincoln, liberty and two Americas: One-party control in a majority of the states may allow the pursuit of wildly partisan agendas — what will that do to the nation as a whole? John Patrick Leary on how concerns over declining “civility” in politics distract us from the meaningful disagreements that we need to have. Eric Horowitz on why personal attacks are good politics. Taking the fight outside: Can presidential appeals to the American public break Washington gridlock? The unilateralist manifesto: Timothy Noah on eight ways Obama can jam through his agenda without Congress. Paul Volcker on what the new president should consider. Erik Opsal on three ways to fix our democracy. Bruce Bartlett on how our long-term fiscal future is better than it looks. Move over economists: Barry Schwartz why we need a council of psychological advisers. Is Grover Norquist pushing the New World Order? Many right-wing extremists loathe Norquist because they think he is a secret Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood operative. Can Grover Norquist be considered an “enemy of the state”?