Geert Vissers and Ben Dankbaar (Radboud): Knowledge and Proximity. Man-Li Gu (Monash): Inglehart-Welzel's Traditional vs. Rational Index Revisited: A Comparison between China and the West. Michael Barker interviews Peter Staudenmaier, co-author of Ecofascism Revisited. While it might be hard to imagine in the midst of the ad-soaked holiday season, there was a time — in the 1930s — when advertising faced fierce opposition from the public; then came World War II, and everything changed. From Wag’s Revue, an interview with John Jeremiah Sullivan. “Extremely Thin and Very Well-Dressed:” Pamela Haag on the moral universe according to Vogue. From Kellogg Insight, which government is best? Daron Acemoglu, Georgy Egorov, and Konstantin Sonin on how democracies may not outlast dictatorships, but they adapt better; and why are presidents less effective than prime ministers? Daniel Diermeier, Pohan Fong and Razvan Vlaicu on how using game theory to model political systems leads to surprising insights. Paul Ford reviews Authentic: The Politics of Ambivalence in a Brand Culture by Sarah Banet-Weiser.