A new issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies is out. From Lacan.com, Slavoj Zizek on Jacques Lacan’s shifting theory of the big Other, on the structure of belief and the mediation of desire, and on the transcendental constitution of reality. YouTubing Theory: What exactly is happening to those videotapes of lectures — and Derrida answering the phone. Adam Shatz reviews Derrida: A Biography by Benoit Peeters (and more). From LSE Review of Books, Emily Coolidge-Toker reviews Derrida Reframed by K. Malcolm Richards; Dafne Muntanyola-Saura reviews Guattari Reframed by Paul Elliott; and Jacob Phillips reviews Heidegger Reframed by Barbara Bolt. Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei on Heidegger’s Mom and the joke of democracy: Fictional notes on the political. Liam Jones interviews Paul J Ennis, author of Heidegger in the Twenty-First Century. Loser Romanticism: David Winters reviews The Art of Philosophy: Wisdom as a Practice by Peter Sloterdijk. The Lady Gaga of philosophy: Jonathan Ree reviews You Must Change Your Life by Peter Sloterdijk. Slippery Sloterdijk: Carlin Romano on the edgy European philosopher, circa 2012. Philosophy with a Southern drawl: Rick Roderick teaches Derrida, Foucault, Sartre and others.