Wassim Daher (SMCU): On Democracy: The Logic of the Illogical; and Is the World Developed? David Cole (Georgetown): Where Liberty Lies: Civil Society and Individual Rights after 9/11. From Discover, what will the world be like in 50 years? A special section on the State of the World: 2062. Happiness policy: Claude Fischer examines our current obsession with happiness. How Sandy saved Occupy: The protest movement's disaster-relief efforts have helped it connect with the “99 percent” it had trouble reaching in its Zuccotti Park days. We are the .00018 Percent: Does Earth First! carry the capacity for a justice based approach to overpopulation? Skyler Simmons wants to know. Life after near-death: Laurence Gonzales on why surviving is only the beginning. Why simmering resentment in the hearts of dedicated dorks? Sam Riedel on angry nerds at the point of rebellion. Is stock-picking just another hobby for men? Felix Salmon wonders. From NYRB, David Cole on why it’s time to stop killing in secret. Zachary A. Goldfarb on Obama’s economic philosophy, in 8 charts. Here is the famous Gomberg Map, produced by Maurice Gomberg, of Philadelphia.