A new issue of the Journal for Communication and Culture is out, including Jason Gao (Birmingham): A Bourdieusian Study of the Use of Media by Chinese Public Intellectuals. Manuel Possolo (Stanford): Morals Legislation after Lawrence: Can States Criminalize the Sale of Sexual Devices? Gun control, RIP: Brian Doherty reviews Living With Guns: A Liberal’s Case for the Second Amendment by Craig R. Whitney. How do we reduce gun crime when Americans already own nearly 300 million firearms? Maybe by allowing more people to carry them. Hipsters and hamster balls: When it comes to arts and culture, evangelicals don’t know their Adele’s from their Elmo’s. #Kony2013: Benjamin Runkle on why the manhunt is taking so long — and how it can succeed. Justin Dett on the Vice guide to business school. “Wake up from your mechanistic, Cartesian dream!”: Cornel West and Nobel Prize-winning economist George Akerlof talk markets and morality (and more). From Buzzfeed, Chris Stokel-Walker on the inside story of Pong and the video game industry's Big Bang. Jon Cheese on 5 popular jokes that only make people want to punch you.