From Studies of Transition States and Societies, Dragos Adascalitei (Mannheim): Welfare State Development in Central and Eastern Europe: A State of the Art Literature Review; and Jelena Helemae and Ellu Saar (Tallinn): Estonia: Highly Unequal but Classless? Klondike in Lapland: Renate Nimtz-Koster on how mining companies are swarming to Finland's far north. “Exploitation of Arctic resources will happen”: An interview with Norway's foreign minister Espen Barth Eide on the dangers of resource extraction. Knut Olav Amas on the Norwegian public sphere after Breivik. Anti-Semitism in Parliament: Hungary's far-Right rhetoric reaches new dimension. All roads lead to Berlin: Germany is no longer Europe’s most troublesome player — it’s now an indispensable nation. Markha Valenta on the moral sadism of the Dutch state. Gilles d'Aymery on the French political circus — it's not a pleasant sight. Roma activist Valeriu Nicolae departs for Euro-Narnia, a parallel world ruled over by the mighty Baroslan whose inhabitants discuss in strange and wonderful terms remedies for the Roma problem. Get your garlic, crosses and stakes ready: a bloodsucking vampire is on the loose in Serbia.