Landon Bevier (Tennessee): Structured Atrocities: Ideology and Abu Ghraib. From The International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace, a special issue on the Grand Challenges of Engineering. Psychoanalysis and comedy: Natalija Bonic on the (im)possibility of changing the socio-symbolic order. Notes on prison tourism: S.J. Culver escapes to Alcatraz. Does the GOP need a new William F. Buckley, Jr.? Jacob Heilbrun wonders. Anthony Paletta on the sublime sci-fi buildings that communism built. Being transgender is no longer a disorder: The American Psychiatric Association salutes the T in LGBT. Beware the anti-anti-war Left: Jean Bricmont on why humanitarian interventionism is a dead end. Fighting cultural extinction, traditional dances and crafts added to UN list of intangible heritage. When it comes to happiness, it seems that the young and the old have the secret. From Edge, an interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb on how understanding is a poor substitute for convexity. David Luban examines the case for Palestine's entry into the International Criminal Court and what it means for Israel.