Maurice Adams (Tilburg): The Politics of the Belgian Constitution: Can it Be Explained? From IEET, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the revolutionary educational system Finland has instituted and the results of that system on the education of their children; and can the world learn from the anarcho-socialist system of Finland? Elektra Kotsoni on how urbanization is swallowing the coastline of the Mediterranean. Alfred A. Reisch on the reception and impact of Western and Polish emigre books and periodicals in Communist-ruled Poland between July 1, 1956 and June 30, 1973. The late bloomer: Michael Sontheimer on the rise, fall and rebirth of Germany's capital. Angelique Chrisafis on Bugarach, the French village that was destined to survive the Mayan apocalypse. Once a route to riches and empire, the sea is now lapping at the future of Venice, as with other great maritime cities. Twenty years after the death of Ceausescu, the Romanian Orthodox Church is everywhere in Romania. Europe’s hard borders: Matthew Carr investigates the brutal border regimes of our “gated continent” and suggests the possibility of a different politics of solidarity.