John M. Kelley and Rebecca A. Malouf (Endicott): Blind Dates and Mate Preferences: An Analysis of Newspaper Matchmaking Columns. From Google’s Think Quarterly, a special issue on the time to be open for business, for innovation, for making the impossible happen. Here is the Vice Guide to Adulthood. Jonathan Chait on the eternal folly of the bipartisan debt fetish. Steve Donoghue reviews Cracking the Egyptian Code: The Revolutionary Life of Jean-Francois Champollion by Andrew Robinson. Ezra Klein on what would happen if we breach the debt ceiling. From Dissent, Jordan Michael Smith on the decline of the Reader’s Digest. America can't afford to cut its discretionary spending: If we start cutting public investment today, we won’t see the consequences tomorrow — but our children and grandchildren will. We shouldn’t criticize their “Dude, where’s my job?” sense of entitlement; we should expand it — to all the people who didn’t go to college as well as the ones who did, to everybody working for $20,000 a year, regardless of what degrees they do or don’t have. George Dvorsky on the most futuristic predictions that came true in 2012 (and more).