Matthew Crosston (Bellevue): Defeat the Tweet? Social Media, Grassroots Dissent, and Authoritarian Co-optation. Matthew Allen (Curtin): An Education in Facebook. Fred Wilson on how the online advertising business has evolved. Kristen Perrin reviews The Technology of Nonviolence: Social Media and Violence Prevention by Joseph G. Bock. What turned Jaron Lanier against the Web? Ron Rosenbaum investigates. The introduction to Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking by E. Gabriella Coleman. The Web’s new monopolists: Just because Facebook and Google are innovative now doesn’t mean they won’t strangle growth and harm us all — if we let them. LiveBoard doesn't ring a bell? Social media is nothing new — it just has better packaging and better marketing. After a half-decade, a massive Wikipedia hoax is finally exposed. Why does everyone think Google beat the FTC? Tim Wu wants to know. Steve Huff on how we’ve got one year before the Internet kills us all. From Cracked, Robert Brockway on 4 ways to tell if you're creepy (using the Internet); and a look at 4 things you learn quickly about Internet hate.