Mylene Lachance-Grzela (Moncton): Mattering Moderates the Link between Gender Ideology and Perceived Fairness of the Division of Household Labor. From Dissent, a special section on the New Feminism. How best to describe the colonization of the body at this particular juncture of capitalist life? Nina Power reviews Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl by Tiqqun. Are differences in men and women’s pay an indication of discrimination in the labour market? In a study of Sweden’s cigar-making industry in the late nineteenth century, Tim Leunig and colleagues find clear evidence of sexism at work. She can’t sleep no more: Sarah Leonard on the political economy of Marissa Mayer. Is the “feminization” of professional titles a good thing? Eric Horowitz investigates. Are professors to blame for the fact that there are so few young women in science? Analysing data on the entrance exam for a top French university, Thomas Breda and Son Thierry Ly argue that it is not the selection process in higher education that is perpetuating this gender gap. The all-female delegation in charge of New Hampshire is the product of a unique political system — a flawed, but effective model for putting women in positions of power.