Cass R. Sunstein (Harvard): The Real World of Cost-Benefit Analysis: Thirty-Six Questions (and Almost as Many Answers). Nienke Grossman (Baltimore): The Normative Legitimacy of International Courts. Scott S. Boddery and Kyle Mackey (SUNY): Rome Wasn't Built in a Day: The Structural Entrenchment of the International Criminal Court. From The Economist, air conditioning makes hot places bearable — but at a worryingly high cost; and has the ideas machine broken down? The idea that innovation and new technology have stopped driving growth is getting increasing attention — but it is not well founded. Can we cap-and-trade our way out of the debt ceiling crisis? If the EPA enacted a cap-and-trade system on the gas we all use on our cars, we could start collecting enough revenue to deal with our financial issues; best part is Congress doesn’t need to be involved. Could Alex Jones' “revolution” actually happen? Zeke Miller on how the White House is actually responding to all those crazy petitions (including those on secession and the construction of a Death Star).