From Wired, an advanced and well-orchestrated computer spy operation that targeted diplomats, governments and research institutions for at least five years has been uncovered by security researchers in Russia. Academic paper largely clears President Obama of blame over failure to pass climate legislation through Congress: Theda Skocpol accuses the DC-based environmental groups of political malpractice, saying they were blind to extreme Republican opposition to their efforts. Ezra Klein on the most depressing graphic for members of Congress: Ever wanted to be in Congress? This slide will make you reconsider. The United Nations backs French military intervention in Mali (while the US may provide airlift for operations, but no ground troops). Warren Ellis fixes gun control in America — with drones. Hunter Walker on the men who want to build an armed castle commune for “patriots”. Kevin Drum on lead and crime: A linkfest. One of the things about the Wall Street Journal editorial that makes it so consistently entertaining is that its supply-side enthusiasts are so bad at their jobs they don’t even know how to do propaganda right.