Dragan M. Mitrovic (Belgrade) and Marko S. Trajkovic (Nis): The Realistic Concept of the Law. Steven J. Burton (Iowa): Normative Legal Theories: The Case for Pluralism and Balancing. From Christianity Today, Laura Ortberg Turner on why we should celebrate beautiful women — with a few caveats. Neil H. Buchanan on President Obama’s least bad options: Understanding two independent constitutional justifications for exceeding the debt ceiling, and exploring two ways to do so. Chris Lehmann reviews Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet by John G. Turner (and more). Boyd Cothran reviews Go East, Young Man: Imagining the American West as the Orient by Richard V. Francaviglia. A look at weird incorrect facts from childhood that other people have kept in their heads without reconsidering until the moment it hits them. From Aeon, for the first time in history we could end poverty while protecting the global environment — but do we have the will? John Quiggin wonders. President Obama has a bunch of ideas for reducing gun violence — so which proposals could have the biggest impact on gun crime, and which ideas could prove ineffective?