Alexander Somek (Iowa): On Cosmopolitan Self-Determination. Simon Springer (Victoria): Anarchism and Geography: A Brief Genealogy of Anarchist Geographies. It's not a fever: Noam Scheiber on how Obama can break the House Republicans. West vs Asia education rankings are misleading: Western schoolchildren are routinely outperformed by their Asian peers, but worrying about it is pointless, says MacGregor Campbell. Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has some words of advice for the defeated GOP: follow the English Defence League. "Islamophobia is bad for business": Massoud Hayoun examines how Islamophobia is costing America business opportunities, to China's advantage. Terra Bosart on why transhuman simultaneous hermaphroditism is a goal for some, and how it might eventually work. Michael Kazin on a short history of meaningless inauguration speeches. Researchers have found that engineering students are usually less empathetic than students in some caring professions. Brian K. Pinaire reviews An Introduction to Political Crime by Jeffrey Ian Ross.