Chris Cunneen (James Cook): Restorative Justice, Globalisation and the Logic of Empire. Carter Dillard (Emory): What is the Primary Right? Taken, made, jotted, foot, or head: Notes are necessary interventions between the things we read and the things we write. From Cato Unbound, Derek Khanna on the way forward on copyright reform (and an interview). The “Mr. Magazine Manifesto 2013″: Publishing is believing and 12 other mantras of wisdom. The US and Europe should be glad to be led by a bunch of can-kickers: It's kept Obama and the euro from the cliff edge — what Bismarck called the art of the possible is now a key political skill. If someone says he thinks the deficit is the most important issue facing the country, but he doesn’t think it’s important enough to merit raising another dollar in taxes, he probably doesn’t really think the deficit is all that important an issue. Consider the Cheeto: Sara Davis on how the simple pleasures of junk food are more complex than they appear. Apocalypse tips, from Antibiotics to Zombies: A worrier's primer on how to steal a car, build an igloo and live on rabbit (eat the organs, too).