Wayne Barnes (Texas Wesleyan): Render Unto Rawls: Law, Gospel, and the Evangelical Fallacy. From The Pomegranate, a review essay on revisionism and counter-revisionism in Pagan history by Ronald Hutton. What exactly do people mean when they describe themselves as "spiritual, but not religious"? Reason #1 why we can be both spiritual and religious: Church is not just a gathering of like-minded people. Son of Mary: Haroon Moghul on reflections on the Muslim Jesus. Jason Byassee reviews Sin: The Early History of an Idea by Paula Fredricksen. Is Christianity philosophical? David Lyle Jeffrey reviews Philosophy: A Student's Guide by David K. Naugle. Robert Merrihew Adams reviews Why Tolerate Religion? by Brian Leiter. Michael Muhammad Knight on how not to sound like an asshole when talking about Islam. Franz Lidz on the little-known legend of Jesus in Japan: A mountain hamlet in northern Japan claims Jesus Christ was buried there. From Saint Austin Review, Kevin O’Brien on a different kind of sex. Thom S. Rainer on the death of the mall and the future of church buildings. In the battle to combat immorality and instill certain values into professional sports, the Vatican says it wants NFL star Tim Tebow and NBA sensation Jeremy Lin on its team.