From The Weekly Standard, Gertrude Himmelfarb on compassionate conservatism, properly understood. Mali is not a Stan: When it comes to covering Africa's latest conflict, it's suddenly amateur hour. For the past 40 years, Amanda Feilding, countess of Wemyss and March, has worked tirelessly to break down taboos surrounding LSD and other psychoactive drugs. Does the “end of history illusion” really exist or has hype and stylish presentation generated an illusory illusion? Christine Kim interviews Ai-jen Poo, one of Time and Newsweek’s most influential people of 2012, who works to address a swiftly aging population, and an exploited workforce, by reforming domestic labor standards. Who will be the new Miramax? An excerpt from Inside Track for Independent Filmmakers: Get Your Movie Made, Get Your Movie Seen and Turn the Tables on Hollywood by Adam Leipzig.