Mark Findlay (Sydney): Rethinking Synthesis in Global Criminal Justice. Elizabeth S. Vartkessian (Albany): What One Hand Giveth, the Other Taketh Away: How Future Dangerousness Corrupts Guilt Verdicts and Produces Premature Punishment Decisions in Capital Cases. Michele E. Gilman (Baltimore): The Poverty Defense. Christopher Slobogin and Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein (Vanderbilt): Putting Desert in its Place. Sherman J. Clark (Michigan): The Juror, The Citizen, and The Human Being: The Presumptions of Innocence and the Burden of Judgment. The introduction to Punishment by Thom Brooks. Can forgiveness play a role in criminal justice? After 19-year-old Conor McBride killed his girlfriend, her devastated parents tried a process called “restorative justice” — because they decided his life was worth saving. The US is the only advanced democracy that disenfranchises citizens for criminal convictions.